Blue Flame Hughes Rapper

We recently spoke to a talented independent hip hop artist named Blue Flame Hughes. With the passionate and smooth story driven songs like “Vibe City” to high-intensity trap bangers like “Aux Cord Blessing” Blue Flame Hughes finds the perfect balance between substance and turning up. You don’t want to miss what he had to say below and check out his new music on his official Soundcloud page below.

My rap career started my junior when my best friend Reezy north told me to hop on a remix to unthinkable. Even though I wasn’t good at the moment he and others saw potential in me and from that moment on.

I’ve lost so many homies and friends and loved ones and that misery makes me strive to make all that pain masterpiece. I drop my first mixtape senior all produced from my closet which hit iTunes and sold 6,000 copies.

Since then I’ve dropped 4 tapes and all have increased in plays first week due to hard work and fan dedication. Now at this point I’m just trying to be a better artist and advance my craft and just experiment to find my self. Only thing I need is a chance and the ears to listen to what I have to offer. I’m just trying to be the best or at least in the discussion. Don’t care for money… I was raised broke and been happy

From here I just want to let my music take me to my happy place at the number 1 spot. Hands down I’m number 1 lyricist/songwriter  in my city. With 3 videos 2 tapes on the way and a tour in the works things are looking great all praise to god and much love to the fans.


If you like what you heard check out Rest In Pieces 4 by Blue Flame Hughes & Bliue Flame Hughes on iTunes below