Just a few days ago we talked with a Louisiana native Rapper & Producer Vareddi Versal. He is definitely unique and stands out from alot of his peers, you do not want to miss out. Check out what he had to say and his tracks via his official Soundcloud below.


Born In Louisiana (26 Yrs Of Age) New American Rap Hip-Hop Artist BeatMaker And Producer VaReddi VerSal Founder And Originator Of Shop House Control (SHC) Ent. And Creator Of Shop Talk, His Music Speaks On Stranger Dealings And Risky Encounters In The Wild Life Experiences Of The Streets. Goes Further Into Details About The Hardships of Friendships And Money, Loss Love,Family Issues And His Participation In Criminal Activity Leading Him Up To His 19-24 Months Incarceration in Fayetteville North Carolina And How Much HE Loves To Get Fresh An Hit The Mall And Leave With Shopping Bags. Moving From The East Coast And Relocating To The South In Austin Texas VaReddi VerSal Touch Bases On Many Various Trap, Rap, And Hip-Hop Beats Using His Hardcore Deamenor Having His Own Original Authentic Southern Sound!!!

Check out Vareddi’s newest single 10’s 20’s 50’s 100’s via his Soundcloud below!