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We recently spoke to up and coming independent rapper Ben James He is a truly talented artist who has already dropped multiple dope videos and songs that showcase his raw skill and passion for music over a short period of time. If you haven’t heard of this kid now is the time to wake up. Check out what he had to say and his new music below.

Growing up the youngest of four creative and energetic siblings gave Ben the opportunity to observe their passions. Ben was inspired to explore poetry and writing because of his oldest brother’s passion for music. Being in that environment eventually gave way to his own love for Hip Hop.

With encouragement from his older brother after hearing Ben’s natural talents, Ben was able to explore at the early age of 10 by recording and performing his original raps. With further encouragement from friends and family what started out as a hobby, quickly became a career goal for the hopeful star. “I fed off of the applause and the positive words from the people who heard the sound I was developing,” says Ben. It was with that new confidence and musical style that gave Ben the ability to approach industry executive and producers to help him bridge the gap.

One of those music executives happened to be Ty “Swaggalee” Scott. Scott a 14+ year veteran of the entertainment industry has worked with everyone from Babyface to Trey Songz. Once Ben and his father flew to Los Angeles to meet with Scott things began to take shape. Studio sessions with industry professionals began to sharpen his skills, taking his music from good to great. By working with everyone from Grammy award winning producer Drumma Boy to artist/writer J-Doe ended up producing a hard-hitting edgy style fans will relate to. “I like to express myself in a creative hip hop style that my fans can relate to, says Ben. His style all the while unique is compared to the likes of B.o.B and Machine Gun Kelly.

“This kids work ethic is something special” Irv Whitlow., MGK Manger

His passion, family, and life experiences have shaped Ben into an artist influenced by love. “I am blessed with the love and support of my family and fans. Their involvement with my career is so important to me and I am so grateful that they take me as seriously as I take myself’ “. Ben further explains, “Its because of my family and my growing fan base I will take this thing to the top.”


Ben James – Free Smoke (Official Video)


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