Rosegold and L!L IMP met in the spring of 2017 under dire and unforeseen circumstances. After becoming roommates, they began to share their love for music and quickly realized that they had the potential to do something big working together. Having opened up for acts such as Chief Keef and Ugly God, their rise in the industry has been swift. Coming from a background in Synth Pop, hardcore, and metal, L!L IMP brings mesmerizing melodies and synth design to the table. Rosegold on the other hand has been intrigued by bass and rhythm for many years working as both an EDM producer and rap producer. Combining their specialties, Rosegold and L!L IMP are able to bring heavy 808 driven trap beats and bubblegum synth melodies all wrapped up with passionate vocals and catchy hooks. Together they are the rose guild. Check out their latest mixtape Guild.



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