We recently talked to a really dope and innovate rapper and U.K native Greezer who has established a very dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim in rap’s underground scene; mainly due to his most accredited song “Peice Of Art”. It is in this dog  where Greezer showcases his effortless rhyme schemes and technical skill along with giving the listener a lyrical picture they are not going to forget over a classic N.Y style instrumental. Check out what Greezer had to say below as well as his critically acclaimed hit “Peice Of Art”.

My name is Grezzer and I’m from Herne Hill in South East London. I’m 22 years old and I have huge passion for hip hop music to the core. I’ve released a highly acclaimed song that received alot of attention and was received well by alot of underground rap fans worldwide and its called piece of art. Ever since then Grezzer had attention from management and also the fanbase is growing rapidly everyday, Grezzer built a dedicated fanbase filled with fans that are hungry to hear more of Grezzer!

 Greezer – Piece Of Art (Music Video)

If  you are a fan if “Peice Of Art” you will definetly be a fan of Greezer’s other well known hit “Get To Know”.