This past week, Boston rapper Rex Mac released a full album, ABLOOM. Impressively, this kid raps, sings, and even produced all of the beats himself. It’s a well thought out album with many moods.
According to Rex Mac’s website, the album is an “ode to mental health” which is shown on tracks like the somber “How To Be Alone” and the optimistic “The World Is Not Enough.” Real hip hop fans should go straight to the album’s title track, which boasts a dusty piano sample over rumbling 808s, as Rex scatters flower references throughout.

   Here’s what Rex Mac had to say about his project.

“It’s a mental health record. I can’t stress it enough. For those who struggle with anxiety, someone who fights to stay above the water in his own head, I tried to communicate that with these songs. Whether the songs express high highs or low lows, ABLOOM needed to be articulately crafted because I wanted its listeners to feel something deep. It took four years to make.”

ABLOOM takes a few listens to get into, but over time, you begin to notice all of its subtleties and develop a deeper appreciation for Rex Mac’s mind. Hear ABLOOM for yourself via Rex’s Soundcloud below.