Southside Virginia

Being raised by his grandparents, he was molded into a God fearing individual, and was always pushed to challenge himself and the limits that the world or society set for him. While always possessing the “gift of gab”, he excelled in academics, but that didn’t prevent him from being exposed to as much deviance as his small area could offer. Taking this knowledge with him to bigger cities around the state as he grew older, he would continue to advance his knowledge and experience in all things, including those not so friendly areas. Finding himself at a great space in life, K.Cirrus is a wordsmith with a brash yet smooth delivery of catchy and lyrical bars, laced with raspy vocals. His first major single, “See Me Ball”, see’s Cirrus deliver a heavy hitting banger filled with punchlines and a soothing yet boastful hook. Over a horn sprinked track with a crazy rhythym line, Cirrus definitely delivers. His first complete project, “Is This Sh*t Real” see’s Cirrus explore the boundaries of his sound. He brings home a rigid croon on tracks such as his R&B flavored “Gotta Go”, while delivering those BARS he is known for on tracks such as “Alright 3X” and the appropriately titled “Thrilla”. K.Cirrus and his music can be located on most major outlets including Apple Music and Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, and most others.