Evan Murry is a rapper, songwriter and performer who is known as Evan Dupri. With his recent EP, “I’m Threatened, You’re Honored,” which was released mid-August. It features various artists such as Mic. Carr, Jessica Taylor, Rashad B.and so much more, who makes the album a classic and puts a positive message to the fans. He has gained a positive start for his music career by performing in various places to show his fans his music is something to vibe to whether you are with your lady, going through a troubling life or chilling with friends. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, he knew what he wanted to do with his life. But things have changed on July 17, 2009, where he started free-styling with his friends;  and he knew he had a God gifted talent which was to be an artist. His first single, “Round,” was a major hit giving great exposure on the radio station, 101.1 the beat, by his friend, Sticks. As well as, he performed the single at a house party; and he brought the whole neighborhood out to hear his music. Mr. Dupri has more in store with new music and visuals and that he is letting you know that this is the only beginning from the young hip hop artist.