T30K is a breakout artist from Portsmouth Virginia , The 757. Each and everyday 30K is gaining more & more attention. It’s hard not to be blown away by his sound and his song making abilities . His new music video for “Chances” is out NOW!



Music to me now a days just sound the same. Everybody got the same flow, same concepts , same type beats. I’m just different , I’m in my own lane . I provide a NewSound and a NewWave for the New generation. Alotta people make me feel like I made it & I ain’t even make it yet. When other people can see your destiny , it’s almost definite .

I know things don’t Happen in a day but I know anybody that overlooks my sound is sick in the head. Everyday I’m working on my craft . Being that I’m a new artist far as music , I’m still trying to find my own luhh swag wit it. I’m definitely not to be slept on . My music will speak for itself . I’m what the game needs & I will be a game changer. Keep your eyes peeled. 30Kway