Like Me by Loko & DeeJay is a melodic catchy street banger inspired by the dudes in our city that tried to publicly hate on us but then basically copied our whole style in their music that followed after. They get salty and mad that they cant be like us.  Loko & DeeJay are new wave rap artists from the Toronto area. They live an hour from the 6 in Brantford Ontario Canada. AKA Bell City but we call it Hell City (urban dictionary the place and you will understand) The rap duo love new wave rap, but also admire the old-school philosophy of keeping bars in rap tracks. The two are looking to bridge that gap by keeping up with the new wave sound while incorporating the attention to content that was so prevalentin old-school rap. They have just recently secured a performance slot opening for Sean Kingston at his Hamilton stop on December 11th during his Canadian Radio Promo Tour. They have been featured on and Loko and DeeJay first met 7 years ago when Loko had just moved to Brantford from Brampton when he was 15 almost 16, became immediete friends and formed a group called Kush Kartel with a 3rd member. that 3rd member has since stopped making music and Loko & DeeJay rebranded and continued their musical journey together hoping to shape the sound of their city, and bring more exposure to the imense amoount of talent hiding out here.