At the forefront of the musical revolution, from the back-packers to the streets, there isn’t another artist that can reach both like T-Dubb-O. T-Dubb-O is a hip-hop artist born in Saint Louis, MO. Dubb launched his career in the Streets Status Battle League arena and was quickly recognized internationally  as one of the best rappers coming out of Missouri. From there, he released a couple mixtapes that destroyed the stereotype that battle MC’s could not make good music and became cult classics on the underground scene. T-Dubb-O has enjoyed a rapid ascent in the music world and gained a lot more attention after realeasing his third mixtape “Mobstar Maniac 3”, his debut album entitled “The Drop”, which garnered international support and was highlighted on BET France. Dubb has collaborated with legends like Freeway, Crooked I, Project Pat, Pastor Troy, & Young Noble from 2 pac’s group The Outlawz.
What separates T-Dubb-O from all of the rappers of today’s time is not just his aggressive and extraordinary flow, but the work he does in the community. T-Dubb-O is not just the average rapper talking about his trials and tribulations of his past street life. Dubb and his grass roots organization, Hands Up United, have been labeled America’s New Black Radicals. So whether he is reading to children at their monthly Books and Breakfast program, talking with the students at their Tech Impact program where they are teaching Black kids how to build websites, dropping off food to people in need, or throwing back tear gas at police, Dubb truly stands with the community that he raps about. The work he does in black and poor communities have taken him all around the world and even granted the opportunity to sit with President Obama in the Oval Office to discuss racial issues and systemic problems here in America. This meeting coined his phrase on his album The Drop, “I shook Obama hand with the same hand I sold crack with”. T-Dubb-O is a lyrical and political embodiment of hard work and perseverance and his music reflects that gritty street influence combined with an increasingly mature world view.

New album from T-Dubb-O Pleasure, Money, & Pain available now on all outlets.




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