I go by the name of AdyB, I’m 19 and I was born and raised in Oradea, Romania. My family and I moved to Germany in 2010 seeking a better life. Here, I found my passion for Hip Hop and I started writing songs in my mother tongue at first and then I eventually switched up to English, which I taught myself. My music is about what I’ve been through in life, about hustling and striving for more. Never giving up. I made one of my dreams come true when I went to NYC last year in August to record my mixtape “81539”. With no handouts, at 18. I recorded it at Lost Studios in Mill Basin, Brooklyn with my brother Trevor DeBlase. He works with several Pro Era members like Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution. We’ve definitely created a dope project together and you guys should definitely check it out. 11 Tracks, only one feature from my big homie ‘Sk. Franclin’ from South Central, LA. #FreeFranclin and 100% realness. Stay tuned and expect the unexpected.