YoungTwizzle (Antoine Coleman) was Born raised in Miwaukee,Wisconsin. At the age 6 is where he was introduced to the instrument Djembe Drum (West African Music) by Dr.Austin. Thats where it all began and also fell in love with makin Music!!! By the time in Middle School he was playin for a Adult Professional Dance Company (Ko-Thi Dance Company) During High School is where he found a passion for making all genres of music Pop, HipHop, Rap, Neo Soul etc….. Which also made him try different Instruments such as Piano, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Wind Instruments and many more!!!!!!

Joints & Jams is YoungTwizzle 4th Mixtape release. He continues to grow and develop a new sound around the Midwest region. Joints & Jams is a Project that was teamed up with Taylor Gang’s very own DJ MotorMane from Pittsburgh for the 2nd Time! So Get Your Smoke and LETS ROLL!!!!!
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