My name is Casey Incle born and raised in Brooklyn Ny. I’m an independent artist. I started making music about a year ago but there was always something about Music growing up that I loved. Coming from a very Music enriched family it’s impossible to not like Music. Especially coming from
Brooklyn. You’re exposed to so much that they’re many sounds you can choose from to make up your own style of hip hop, r&b and rap. So I started writing and messing around with one of my best friends. Who produce and it just clicked. Ever since then I started making music and it’s been working out making big moves. Some inspirations in my music is Drake, a boogie, jay z, bee Jees, daft punk. As much as I love the new stuff I’m a very old soul and I love old school type rap and hip hop.

I wanna make music people can bump too and also be able to relate too.

I’m working on a lot of single
Tracks to hopefully put it into a project called the “The sad boy project” but an LP should be coming soon.