What’s up world? My name is Tonderick “Fli-T” Watkins. My father introduced me to many different genres of music as an adolescent which ultimately cultivated who Fli-T is. I am a product of the many different environments that I’ve had a pleasure to be apart of growing up. This is represented in my music, fashion, and everyday life. One place that I attribute my musical stylings to is Atlanta, Ga. Since a teen, I’ve drawn my rap inspiration from the King of The South himself: T.I. His ability to perfect Trap Storytelling stood out to me the most. My versatility speaks for itself as shown in my track “Dubai” which is an ode to the individuals that I have encountered during my stay in the United Arab Emirates. My new single “Focused” is an anthem for hustlers and dreamers to stay on their grind. I see the booth as a blank canvas. My muse is the world around me. I see no limits and I am not afraid to be great.

IG: Flierthanmost

Snapchat: TFlierthanmost

SoundCloud: Flierthanmostmusic

Twitter: Flierthanmost

YouTube: Flierthanmost