Nasser Aka Gnos is an American rapper and songwriter. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas. He embarked on his musical career at the age 13 while growing up without a father and living in Section A housing. Nasser joined the United States Army at the age 18 and is currently serving on active duty status. Nasser’s nickname was “Nas” growing up. He realized coming into a respected music career, He would be unable to use the name of The Don of Hip-Hop. Gnos is the Latin term for knowledge.   Staying humble to his beginning, Nasser released an EP on April 2017 and has caught a lot of global attention. The Mixtape is named “I Made A MixTape.” The EP cover shows the words “Could Have” crossed out. The Purpose of that was because Nasser believes that a lot of people live their lives saying they “could have…” He emphasizes on chasing dreams and not living as a person who says “I could have done that…” Nasser’s music is aggressive, soothing, and real. You can feel the pain and love in each song. Nasser recently released his first album “The Eulogy.” “The Eulogy is an album about my mind and the different egos within me. Most People have multiple egos or personalities and few people deal with mental issues. Using the gift God gave me, I created “The Eulogy” to not only bring back lyrical Rap music, but to also enlightened and educate in mental disorders such as PTSD and how it effects soldiers and veterans.” – Nasser

His music has been spread throughout the world. Videos of fans listening to his music from America to United Arab Emirates has fueled him to keep pressing and spreading in the music industry. Nasser has a growing fan base spanning all across the world including London, Brazil, U.A.E. and all over United States of America. Nasser is on the route of getting signed and standing next to some of the greatest hip-hop artists. With talent like his, thepassion, the hunger and the desire to succeed in the industry, there’s no question this is a name to watch for.

Inspirations: J. Cole, Eminem, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, and Kanye West