Born in Long Island raised in Harlem. Rah the Broker experienced both the more suburb lifestyle and the metropolitan way of life. As a young boy he took a liking to hip hop being that he had family members in the music industry and parents who were deep into hip hop culture. Do to family issues Rah would move to Harlem at the age of 10 and begin to learn the fast paced city slicker lifestyle. It was rough adapting but as they say when the going gets tough the tough get going. In the midst of learning the big Apple his love for music would evolve and become a hobby during his down time. Free styling with childhood friends and reciting other artist lyrics became more of a passion and would eventually lead to him writing his own lyrics especially after a conversation with one of his family members inspired him to become a writer. He then started a movement with his fellow classmates in high school called the Blok fam and he would venture into venues performing his music leaving an impression on listeners all around New York City landing him label meetings with a few major labels. Then he went by the rap name Felon Behind Bars which was metaphoric for him β€œmurdering tracks” and being like a criminal with word play. Unfortunately names hold power and his involvement in illegal activity landed him a lengthy prison stint in several New York State penitentiary’s. After 6 1/2 years he’s back doing his music passionately like he never left dropping 4 projects since 2016 which include β€œChip on my Shoulder” , God Knows Best , God Knows Best 2.5 the album and the mixtape version and his upcoming effort The Flood Ep which will drop around early Spring 2018 under his own independent label titled Scholar Kammitti LLC which he and his mother/business partner started in 2016. He’s back with a vengeance throwing his own concerts and being everything an independent artist can be defying all barriers. Be on the lookout world it’s RAH THE BROKER TIME!!!!